Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Whose sky are you under?

Una Rey. Photo: Melony Browell

This is my first post. I am reluctant to enter a new relationship on the rebound from Long to belong: landscape memoir, a 3 year focus in the academic lexicon, a studio based PhD at the University of Newcastle....however, this morning the sky is laden with orange dust, nature imitating art- on a personal level, that is. It is apocalyptic, post-safe blue and green world. One of the paintings currently on exhibition at the university gallery, She-oaks, (pictured above) has the same strange glow, more sunset inspired than end-of-the-world, but the sister work, Whose sky are you under, asks you to wonder....

Una Rey, backyard sky September 22nd 2009


Sophie Munns said...

Welcome to blogland Una!
Its an impressive start...fresh colours...unique in BL. Am v. pleased to hear of the wonderful evening you had and the sales that resulted.
I found a few surprises on Picasa... made it even harder to decide which one I would purchase!
Do tell about the one with the studio...was that your most recent work?
looking forward to visiting often....and becoming a followe!
S x

Una Rey said...

Sophie, yes, the Barn studio is the last , and in a way the first of the next 'body'...it sold to Dallas Gold, Raft artspace- was Darwin but Raft is relocating to Alice Springs next year. Lisa Slade bought Memory, 2nd last painting... x

Annamaree said...

love the blog! you must show me how! congratulations on your journey's end...and new beginnings. xxx

annemarie murland said...

Hi Una hope you receive this a technology is getting the better of me - congratulations on this site and on a great show it was a pleasure to see you to relieved and happy and Jack and I enjoyed meeting your family and friends all the best xxam

Anonymous said...

Hi Una,

I very much like the portrait photograph: it has that end of things/beginning of things feel, a woman exuding a strange mix of sensuality and exhaustion (fairly typical for a painter who has just completed a major body of work, I guess.)

Thanks for sending through the article, I'll read it and get back to you in the next few days.